Christmas, they say, comes but once a year, so also is 24th of every December which happens to be the Christmas Eve… A day always filled with fun, excitement and some kind of anxiety…  A lot of people spend the day waiting patiently for what the next day has to offer in terms of varieties of food to devour, gifts to receive, fun to catch and lots more…

The most significant of all the Christmas Eve was the one in the year 1986. This day signify a positive change in one particular woman’s life and the entire world unknown. A woman, almost everybody around left for their respective homes in preparation for the D-day which happens to be the next day.

Amidst explosives, fireworks and loud noises of excitement that cold evening, her husband came to her bedside to tell her how much she is loved and appreciated; with pain and joy at the same time, she responded accordingly. Unknowingly to her, that night was going to change her life entirely.

At around 10PM, all the nurses on shift for the day were all ready to skip duty and go home to celebrate with their loved ones since it is the eve of the anniversary of Christ’s birth. But there she lay, in labour pain, wondering what kind of a child this could be after carrying for more than 10 months. Unfortunately, no one else could feel what she was feeling. She was almost lifeless, but the hope of giving birth to a legend kept her alive. Some would say “Poor Woman”, but I would say she is lucky.

Some minutes later, one silly nurse came to induce her to sleep so that she won’t be disturbing her while she answering the call of Nature, but as fate would have it, the legend-to-be didn’t allow her because he has been waiting for any slight opportunity to come out and change the world. She was really lucky to have survived the night, because the fate of the whole world rest on her shoulders and she had to bear the cross alone just like Jesus did.

At last, a gleam of hope came, as one of the nurse on routine check, who saw her moaning and screaming came to her rescue. She realizes that her “water has broken”, so she then pleaded to her dozing and some already sleeping colleagues to assist and after several minutes of hearing Push!!! Push!!! Push!!!…He came!!!…..a tiny, handsome, sleeping (because of the injection) genius came out after over ten months of waiting. She couldn’t bear it so she passed out immediately. She was resuscitated some minutes later only for her to find a tiny human beside her. She smiled with relief boldly written on her face………….AT LAST.

The whole world stood still for a minute for a legend has been born and till date, all the great researchers of the world still couldn’t explain what really happened that night, as the sun danced, the moon jumped in excitement, the stars bowed and shone extraordinarily.

The lucky woman is no other than my Mum, Adebola and that once tiny, but still handsome genius eventually became ME…………Ayodeji Lancaster

Excerpt from my unpublished book “The Man Ayodeji Lancaster”