There are certain decisions we make in life that may mar or make our lives better and there are some days in our lives that are quite unforgettable because on that day we choose to be better or worse through the improbable or somehow inconceivable decisions we made. We’ve all had it, decision to study Law or Medicine, decision to school home or abroad, decision to eat turkey, Chicken or beef, decision to do this or that…………That’s what get our lives going.

One of the weirdest decisions I’ve made in my life was in 2005 when I decided to study Chemistry here in Olabisi Onabanjo University when I had the chance to school somewhere else in a grand style. This decision made me what I am today anyway, because if hadn’t school here I wouldn’t have been able to meet or know lots of people I have in my life right now. There have, surely, been a lot of times when we all wanted out but through it all, we seem to enjoy one of the best times of our lives together and through thick and thin, we have found ourselves in a place we dreamt to be.

If there was one thing I would have loved to change about this whole, it would be meeting some people earlier, probably when we were in our Kindergartens because each passing day with them is like a second and a day without them seems as long as eternity, because they, through the simplicity of being themselves and being real, have taken time to love and care for me more that I’ve ever thought anybody aside my Mum could. They have taken the pain to help me upheld my faith and belief in people.

Y’all gave me chance to trust and be trusted; to help and be helped; to be lost and a chance to be found; chance to cry and shoulder to lie on whenever I feel like crying. Y’all gave me the opportunity to make you laugh and y’all do that all the time no matter how boring I sound even to myself. Y’all are the only one apart from my mum that laugh loudly at all my jokes and pranks no matter how boring or sensitive that are.

Y’all stood by me through good and bad times and it makes all the difference in my life. You guys helped me change my orientation about a lot of things because I learnt what the whole world combine together can never ever teach me…..which is to love and be loved. My entire life have been better since I met y’all and I want to appreciate y’all for that. I may not have been the best guy around, or not even close to being one……yet, you have treated me with respect (both deserved and undeserved), love, sincerity and above all, you have shown care and concern over everything that has to do with me. Like I once wrote, I’m a lot richer than Bill Gates and Warren Buffet put together, though they have more money; I have the best of friends…YOU

The time we spent together will forever live in my memory or how would you expect me to forget, dining, gisting and watching movies with Adaranijo Sunkanmi, Yemi Tim-Pedro, Kenny Oretuga, Sotinwa Modupe, Onianwa Dozie, Shoyombo Yinka Eureka, Erusiafe Odiri, Kazeem Ahmed, Sanni Tobi and all other wonderful people? Or forgetting the one of the greatest advice Badmus Gani gave me sometimes ago or forgetting the time I use to hammer Guffy at WHOT; Oluwalola Ayomide, Prince Saka & Adeyemi Bola at Snooker; Sodipo Neye & Okafor Kingsley at PS 2 or dubbing my fellow YBC in Exams? Playing at our very own Oju Olomo Oto stadium with skilful Sunshine hall players, friends and fans from Rose of Sharon, Bad boys from GGC, not forgetting the controversial Olowookere Boys, highly gingered Lakeside and Vindication hommies, my own boiz and the best of all from Jayvee, is one thing I will forever remember…. Time spent on project work with Aina Soloh, Dortman Adeleke, Solademi Mayowa, Osikomaiya Funmi and the rest, believe me, will take more than Alzheimer to elude my memory. Sharing movies with Temitope Osinubi is something I wish we both could continue to do for the rest of our lives. Thanks so much, most especially for inspiring me to write this. It’s all for you.

All I can say is thank you and hoping the love we have for each other and the feelings we shared continues to blossom and never fade and that we grow from strength to strength. As we celebrate St. Valentine’s Day today which signifies the celebration of love, I want you all to know how much you are loved, appreciated and respected.