If wishes were horse……..

I wish I was born in a place where moral values, principles and standards are well appreciated and respected

I wish I live in a live-and-let-live world

I wish I could have my family here with me more often; that way I won’t experience boredom

I wish lie never existed; truth won’t have to be doubted

I wish we all could listen to the truth no matter how hurtful

I wish people say I love you only when they mean it

I wish I read Literature and not Chemistry

I wish my day could be extended to 36 hours

I wish I don’t have to eat or drink to live (survive)

I wish to be as influential as Mr Odiba Abrahams-Oyibo

I wish one day, to have a wife as good as my Mum

I wish to be as rich as Carlos Slim Helu and Bill Gates combined; I will make this world a better place for all citizens

I wish my brothers the success they work so hard for

I wish Science and or Technology could device a machine that can read human’s mind clearly

I wish they procure the cure for Cancer soonest; so that many lives can be saved

I wish Nigeria has good power supply, I don’t mean PHCN

I wish come April Nigeria loses its worn-out umbrella to have a feel of the rain of change or at least cool off with AC

I wish my fellow patriots are being referred to as Citizens instead of masses

I wish Nigerians can believe and work towards a better tomorrow

I wish Obama was Nigeria’s President and my Mum, the Vice; Nigeria surely would have been heaven on earth

I wish Japan quick recovery from the disasters that had befallen her

I wish my family, friends and admirers the very best they so wish for

I wish everybody got what they all wished for

I wish for all my wishes to come to pass

Adesuyi Lancaster Adesola ©2011