I’m Ayodeji Lancaster, a fun lover, easy-going, even though shy in some way, calm, extrovert (though I keep most things to myself), respectful with all other virtues and some vices. You guys are all the same too because we took after the same person – Mum.

I watched as you were all being giving birth to (though young) and we watched each other grow to the best we ever wished for. Having our baths together when we feel like, getting each other’s back in good and bad times. I can never ever forget those times we used to eat pork (Unknown to Mummy), never can I forget the times we used to play football and cream cans everywhere we go. How do I forget you following me to my extra-mural classes. The memories of the car bulbs we stole back then to lighten and beautify our room still lingers. It will take more than amnesia for me to forget the pillow fights and all the dangerous plays we get ourselves involved in back then. I still remember vividly those times you used to report us to Mummy each time we play football. (Crazy)

Conniving to deal with Cousin Tope by adding sands and dirt to the ground pepper she was to take to her boarding school will always be one of the most cherished moments we had and I remember how we used to diss ugly girls. I remember you saw me doing it with my ex – even though we never talked about it- I remember when I used to come visiting your Primary school. I remember when I lost the cash Momma asked me to give you guys, but you guys backed me up. I remember the day Miracle refused to stop crying and you suggested we give her Garri to chew, which to our utter dismay quenched the cry….Poor girl!

I remember those times I used to help with your assignments willingly, I remember when I used to coach you and give you guys “dictations”. I remember (shyly) that I learnt how to multiply numbers in decimal form from you (though you never knew) – I remember how you always treat me as a big brother aside from you calling me “Boda Shola”. I remember this; I remember that, I remember every minute, every hour, everyday and every moment we shared together.

I’m going crazy here because we all grew up so fast and we are so far apart (over 5000miles). The last time I saw you was five years ago, that seems short to some people, but it’s like forever to me. I wake up in the middle of the night, hoping to see you guys by my side, sharing my pillow or probably stealing my cover cloth. I wake up each morning expecting you to wake me up with a pillow fight. I wake up each day thinking “When will I see my heroes again”. I tried adopting other people hoping I could make “you” out of “them” and maybe in some way, they can be like you………….How wrong I am!!! Nobody, in this whole wide world, can ever be like you guys. You are my bright light in the sky at night, which I call “star”. You are my solar, the sunlight to dry the sweats on my body and the tears from my eyes. You are my rainfall in which I jump and roll in excitement.

Oh Gosh!!!….. Nobody to tell my secrets to, both the sweet and the ugly ones. I’m filled up here about to burst open because my heroes aren’t here to watch my beards grow and neither could I watch theirs. They ain’t even here to celebrate the New Year with me. Imagine, I missed five birthdays of yours and you missed mine too. Right now, I feel so dejected, depressed, left-out, bored to the highest level, couldn’t think straight and feeling so lonely……

Indeed things apart have fallen.

All my hope and prayer now is for Year 2011 to put an end to all these mysteries, heartbreaks and emotional breakdowns because this long distance is killing me……..

ADEKUNLE & ADEBAYO, my brothers…..Missing you is an Understatement!!!