Certain times come in my life when I notice just how much some people really mean to me – simply because they’ve taken the time for me, to live, love and smile with me, and cry with me when I’m hurt. Becoming friends with them- always having the freedom to tell them anything while feeling complete trust and comfort, knowing it’s safe inside this circle of friendship we’ve built together- this is what makes our friendship the very best.

We have had our bad moments in which neither of us understood what the other meant, but somehow we seemed to find our way back to each other, always forgiving each other and gaining a greater respect for each other’s views. I have gathered such great memories of us, when we eat together in the same plate and sometimes pot, watch movie together, walk together, work together, make jest of each other and making fun of others and I believe we have come so far together in this lifetime, through good and bad times, each of us making sacrifices along the way to keep our friendship going strong and forever alive.

As live continues, I hope that we have many beautiful days ahead and that this friendship we share will grow richer and stronger with each passing moment because it’s easy to find a friend when things are going well and everyone can have fun together. It is easy to find a friend when exciting things are happening and everyone can look forward to them together. It is easy to find a friend when the environment is attractive and everybody can be happy together, but the friend that we find who will be with us when we are having problems and our lives are confused is a hard friend to find.

Thank you, Adaranijo Olasunkanmi and Sotinwa Modupe for being one of those rare people who are real friends for life.