Going down memory lane, when we used to be kids, running around the street or probably in our kindergarten, there goes a popular poem….”My Mother………Who sat and watch, my infant head, when sleeping on my cradle bird and tears of sweet affection shed……………” We didn’t quite understand the meaning of each word in the poem and even motherless kids still go on reciting it with joy boldly written on their faces. The irony of it is that now that we know quite well the meaning of all the words in the poem, we don’t recite it to our mothers any more. WHAT A PITY!!!.

Mothers are guiding angels given to us by God, The Almighty, to channel our entrance into this world. I don’t quite know of too many mothers, but I know the best of them all, the best of the best and the greatest of all……………….ADEBOLA, my mother.

Starting from when I was yet unborn, she carried me for over 10 months hoping and praying for safe delivery. She went through a lot of unsuitable experiences giving birth to me, part of which I wrote in my note (The Old Me Is Dead and Gone Part II), yet she still love me. I caused her pain, I made her scream, she lost some water, she lost some blood………….yet she still love me. Greater love I have never found in a woman as I found in her.

Growing up, having to make my meals, wash my clothes, take my bath for me, dress up and take me to wherever I wanted to go……………..All of this, she did with love, kindness and affection without a single complaint and I can’t remember if I really said “THANK YOU” all those times, yet she remained undisturbed and undeterred, she was determined to make me the best and I guess she surely did.

My whole life has been according to God’s plans and all of these were achievable because I have the greatest of all the greatest woman ever as my mother… ADEBOLA. I have never seen a greater love, neither have I experience a greater care and affection all my life.

She has been there for me, through thick and thin, when things were going well and when things are going the other way round. She is always there when I am happy to rejoice and be happy with me and ever-ready to be there when things are a little bit unpleasant. She taught me how to be humble and polite, she bred me to be brave and courageous even though shy, she taught me to how to read and most importantly how to write…

She is my first teacher and aside from life, she is my greatest teacher,. I have learnt a whole lot from her, which no institution in this world can ever teach me. She taught me to help the weak and the strong, to rejoice with happy people and cause those who are depressed or unhappy to laugh and smile with my funny character, attitude and words. She taught me to be a great motivation to uplift people’ spirits and inspire them to be the best they could be.

Can you see how lucky!!! how fortunate!!! how blessed!!! I am to have such an angel as mother. She is kind, cool, soft-hearted (even though a disciplinarian), generous, nice, caring, loving, and she’s always concerned about everybody’s well-being. All these attributes she deposited in me so as to continue the good work. I don’t know how my life will turn out to be without her, all I know is, there can never be ME without HER.

She is the only one person in this world that means more than life to me. I can do, but nothing without her. She is my best friend, my adviser, my counselor, my comforter, my love and my life. She understands me like no other, she is eager to listen to anything I want to say, no matter how boring it sound and she always laugh at all my jokes, no matter how dry they are.

Life is never fair, neither is it a bed of roses, but from her, I’ve garnered to live no matter the circumstance, I have learnt not to allow what lives around me live in me. I have learnt to say “Thank You” and appreciate every little, simple insignificant thing I receive from anybody because people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. I have learnt to be myself, since that is the best person I could be, I have learnt to always say the truth, no matter how unbelievable it sounds or no matter how hard the circumstance may be, I guess that is why I can never be a lawyer. She taught me to be frank, but simple, and to always try not to hurt other people’s feelings. She has invested a lot in me and definitely will reap it one day by God’s grace.

At times I wonder…………..How could she have all these attributes??? and I realized that for everything she was and she is, she deserves it, and even more because she has worked hard to be who she is……….She has gone through a lot to be where she is today and if there is another word to use more than “proud”, I would have used it because I’m so proud to have her as my mother and all I pray for is to have a wife that could be, even just half as loving and caring as she is.

She is always concerned about everything I do at all time. She is always there as a shoulder for me to rest on. Even when I’m at fault, she still overlooks it and help in every way she can. I’ve not been good at spending neither am I at saving, yet the solidness of Gibraltar is a mere alchemy compared to how solid her support is. I have lacked nothing courtesy of her, anything I asked for she provides, even more.

Words of mouth can’t be enough to describe how much she means to me and how much she has done and she still doing for me. Dear “ADEBOLA”, I love you more than life. You are the greatest mother this world has ever seen or heard of. You brought me into this world and you gave my life a meaning.

I owe you MUMMY….I surely do!!!.