I have not said often how much I love you.

I have not praised you for your achievements.

I have not congratulated you on your many successes.

I have not taken you out for dinner.

I have not appreciated you the way
you were meant to.

I have not bought you flowers like I’m supposed to.

I have not fed you ice cream or chocolate.

I have not bought you perfumes,
Jewelry or clothes for that matter.

I have not told you how beautiful you were and still are.

It is all my faults.

You are the best thing that ever happened to me.

You are my princess

You are the silence between my
heart beats

You are priceless

You are my peace and my tranquility

You are all that is good in my life

You birth me, took me from nothing

And turned me into something.

You built me up when I was weak.

You coached me when I was clueless.

You mentored me when I was a

You guided me when I was lost.

You fed me when I was hungry

You clothed me when I was naked

You taught me when I was ignorant

I wish you could see me now

I am not much without you.

No I am not! Mummy.
I miss You!